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About Us


Located at “The Crossroads of New England,” Springfield Label & Tape is rooted in uncompromising integrity, quality and service. This was the philosophy of the partners -- Herman Libowitz and Joseph Souvigney -- when they founded the Company with a single press in Chicopee Massachusetts.

Today, with this philosophy in mind, Herman’s sons, Howard and Charles, have continued to expand the business in Springfield, Massachusetts. Today, the Company is housed in a 25,000 square foot modern facility, with state of the art equipment (including eleven printing presses and a full pre-press department). Our third generation continues to adhere to these core principles.

Springfield Label & Tape Co. is an environmentally concerned business.

Here are just a few ways we work to protect the environment:

  1. Print with water-based inks.
  2. Work with all suppliers to produce an entirely green-friendly label.
  3. Recycle 90% of waste and byproducts by converting to alternate fuels.
  4. Combined methods reduce trash/landfill waste by several tons annually.

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