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If you can dream it, we can label it

From packaging labels to asset identity tags to two-way decals, we’ll work with you to create the label you need with the functionality you want.

Label types

  • Adhesive-printed labels: printing on the adhesive side of the label.
  • Laser/inkjet labels: designed for use in laser or inkjet printers, this is a popular option if you need to produce high volumes of labels quickly. Laser printers use toner that fuses to the label sheets. Inkjet labels use water-based inks to print on substrates. Both options serve as a perfect solution for office environments, and can be used with almost any brand laser printer available.
  • Blank and custom thermal transfer labels: as the label and ribbon pass through the print-head together, the ink from the ribbon is melted and transferred to the face of the label.
  • Direct thermal labels: use a face sheet chemically treated to turn black when in contact with heat. As the direct thermal label passes through the print-head, the heat of the print-head activates the face sheet changing the color from white to black. No ribbons are required.
  • Cover-up labels: special opaque label material blocks out text or images underneath.
  • Custom-construction labels: customized combinations of material and adhesive are used to create the perfect sized label for your needs.
  • Durable labels: durable weatherproof and waterproof labels capable of withstanding harsh environments.
  • Embossed labels: images are pressed into label material so that the image is raised above the label surface.
  • Extended content labels: fold-out or pop-out labels that increase packaging space to convey in-depth information.
  • Inside window decals: made of thin, clear plastic that sticks to the inside of a window facing out, with the content reverse printed to be read through the glass.
  • IRC dry-release coupons: instant redeemable coupons that can be cleanly peeled off leaving no adhesive residue.
  • Packaging labels: product labels on carton or packaging that provide nutritional information, product details, barcodes, or similar manufacturing specifics.
  • Prime labels: consumer-facing labels with rich graphic design elements printed on high-quality label stock.
  • Static clings: thin vinyl film that clings with static electricity to different surfaces, and can be easily removed, repositioned and reused.
  • Two-way decals: printed on both sides with adhesive on one side so that the print can be seen on both sides of the glass.
  • Variable data and barcode labels: printed with your serialized barcodes, consecutive number labels and variable image labels.